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About Lex Regis

LEX REGIS LAW OFFICES is a partnership firm comprising of two partners, namely, NIRNIMESH DUBE and ANKUR S. KULKARNI alongwith other Associates and Off-counsel having expertise and experience in various disciplines of law like company, mining, banking & corporate finance, intellectual property, arbitration, mediation & conciliation, land acquisition & requisition, information technology, consumer disputes, education, service, electricity, telecommunication and other areas of law.

LEX REGIS takes pride in the fact that our firm is one of the law firms formed with the objective of keeping in tune with changing times and realities in the field of law.

LEX REGIS assist the clients in concretising their concepts, providing legal options and delving deep into what our firm can do to help their plans achieve fruition. Strategy, commitment, diligence and absolute application are the hallmarks of our firm. Our firm has the requisite expertise, experience and talent to devote whole-heartily to the projects and assignments entrusted ensuring that the case requirement or project is catered to in the most appropriate manner.

LEX REGIS with the best possible exploitation of the latest technology available provides timely and efficient service. Ours is a firm with a happy blend of modern and traditional values of honesty, camaraderie, friendliness and approachability.

has its offices in Delhi and Kolkata alongwith a network of legal associates at all major cities and towns in India.